BBR Walk for Bullies Challenge!

MAY 2021

Walk 20km+ with your dog through the month of May to help raise money for dogs in need!

Use the tracking app of your choice, get sponsors, and get active with your dog!!

Sign up to download the sponsorship form and the challenge rules.

Prize Baskets will go to the person who walks the furthest distance in the month AND to the individual who raises the most money for BBR!

Use the hashtags #BBRwalkforbullies #BBRwalkforbullieschallenge


Saturday, June 19th, 2021 @ 8AM-7PM

Raffles, 50/50 draw, food truck, and more!


Email to register your team.


Our second year running this extremely fun event. Carts and lunch included. There will be lots of amazing prizes and raffles all day long, so come prepared for a great day!

August 15th at 8AM – so it should be much warmer than last year 🙃

$480 per foursome OR $135 per individual!

Email to register a team!



This initiative run year-long. Give a gift that keeps on giving by spending where it is needed most. You can help feed, care for, or even rescue one of the many dogs that need you by giving a Gift of Love for a birthday, anniversary, thank you, or any event.

Once ordered a PERSONALIZED card will be sent for you to give to the recipient.

Not only is this a unique gift that stands out, but everyone involved can feel good about knowing that you have made the world a better place.

Hover over the images below to learn more!


Toys help stimulate and calm dogs by encouraging natural behaviours. This gift will buy a natural bone, Kong, or snuffle mat for a foster!


Help feed hungry pups with this Gift of Love. This will purchase a bag of treats or kibble for a very good boy.

The Basics

This gift helps supply the hardworking fosters in BBR with the necessities for their foster dogs. It will purchase a basic bed, crate, and bowls for one rescue dog!


Every single dog that is taken in to BBR is brought in for a full checkup. They often require vaccines, and this gift will purchase one vet visit for a rescue.

Puppy Rescue

There are so many puppies who for one reason or another end up without a safe or loving home. This gift funds what it takes to get a puppy out of circulation and into a home full of love.

Special Needs

There is a special place in heaven for those who help the less fortunate, differently-abled, or high-effort dogs. This gift goes toward purchasing either a wheelchair, safety proofing a home, or physical therapy for a special needs rescue.

Medical Emergency

This purchase goes directly to our Emergency Fund, which is one of the most critical areas of BBR. This gift could potentially save the life of a rescue dog.

Head to our store to see more gift ideas!