The GIA Project

A division of Benevolent Bully Rescue.

The one, the only, Gia.

In a world with so much conflict and stress, we at the GIA Project

aim to assist those in need by focusing our efforts on community

support and mental health. We do:

> Pet Therapy

> Hikes & Events

> Educational Seminars

> Community Initiatives

> On-Site visits (Women’s Shelters, Youth Correction, etc.)

In 2017 a very special dog, Gia, became a certified therapy dog through ‘Therapy Tails’. She started a journey of bringing hope to those in need– from homeless shelters to hospitals. Gia passed in 2019, but her memory lives on through us and inspired the GIA Project, which entails dog-based therapies alongside other community support outreach (clothing drives, food drives, and more).

We love our dogs and recognize they are our family. The loyalty and companionship that can be found is unparalleled. We know that dogs perform many amazing jobs in our society and believe that providing hope, connection and comfort is definitely not the least of these.

A very important branch of this Project is focused on men’s health. We live in a world where men so often get overlooked or even mocked for having feelings or emotions. The GIA Project aims to normalize and create a safe space for men to be open, communicate, and heal. We run some men-specific hikes and events called “Bullies & Bros” which aim to help connect and support men in the area.

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A division of Benevolent Bully Rescue focusing on education, service to the community and helping people using dogs as the medium.

Jeremy Hall, Founder & President