Be a Foster!

What is involved?

Becoming a foster home means that you are providing a loving, temporary home for an animal that has been abandoned, abused or neglected. It is a commitment to provide structure, guidance and kindness to an animal in need, and is a decision that will affect your entire household including your current pets, your children, and even your house and yard! Everyone needs to be on board and comfortable with having a rescued dog in the home for the length of time it takes to rehabilitate them, whether it be medically or emotionally.

By opening your home and your hearts, you are increasing the chances of finding a loving home, while sparing the dog being left in a shelter, which can be frightening or depressing.

What does it cost to foster?

Benevolent Bully Rescue will provide food, dog necessities (leashes, collars, bedding, crates, treats, toys, coats, etc.) and cover any necessary medical care costs. The only expense you may incur is the time and attention you provide to a well deserving dog.