We must receive a fully completed adoption application.


Our Adoption Policy

1. Complete application

2. Virtual meeting with a BBR team member

3. Screening / matching process, the right home for the right dog

4. Meet-and-greet with rescue dog

5. Home visit & dogs first visit to potential home

6. Begin trial adoption

A trial adoption at Benevolent Bully Rescue consists of a minimum of TWO MONTHS, but can extend to as long as is needed. Throughout this time there are at least THREE complimentary training sessions with one of the professionals from our behaviour team. There will be an initial veterinary appointment for general assessment and to update all vaccines.

BBR provides support through any extraneous circumstance, finding the right solutions for each individual dog and supporting the adoptee. If all goes well and both parties are in agreement, the adoption is finalized.

We are not a rescue that practices fast adoption or ‘dog flipping’, rather we commit serious time and attention to each and every dog that comes into our care. Like us, each one is different and has its own set of needs and requirements for a happy home, and we aim to do our utmost to find the best fit possible for all involved.

We receive many adoption applications which are reviewed by volunteers. If selected, we will aim to reply within 7-14 days of receipt of your application. 

We will not proceed with applicants in the following scenarios:

  • homes with children who do not understand and display respect and boundaries with animals and people
  • homes with unstable animals (food/toy/space guarding, human or animal aggression, etc.)
  • animals for gifts or surprises· dogs are planned to be used for the purpose of personal or property protection
  • plans for aesthetic surgery, i.e. tail docking, ear cropping, etc.
  • homes with intact animals – male or female 

We do not adopt out into homes that have intact dogs, unless the dog is intact for medical reasons and proof can be obtained from the veterinarian.

The benefits of adopting are exponential! The obvious is that the life of a dog is forever changed for the better. But it also makes room for another life to be saved, in the shelters, fosters, and so on. Adoption keeps money out of the hands of the vast amount of greedy ‘back-yard breeders’ and puppy mills, who more often than not keep dogs in deplorable conditions. As for you, there are many great rewards that come with adopting, but none more important than the love you receive from your dog.

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