Adoption/Foster Application

Benevolent Bully Rescue as an organization has a fundamental principle of force-free and fear-free training.

We strongly believe in the importance of continually educating ourselves with the most up to date resources on dog behaviour, body language, and learning, and in turn encourage and support our community’s education and knowledge.

The methods of teaching and interacting with dogs that we support are scientifically proven and backed by academic research. Due to this, our team prohibits the use of physical punishment, aversive tools like shock (ecollars), prong or choke collars, or ANY fear-inducing devices.

If you wish to foster or go through a trial adoption you (and all inhabitants of the home) must understand and adhere to these policies. Failure to do so will result in the termination of trial and the dog being immediately returned to the care of BBR.

We do not expect anyone to have preexisting education, simply a willingness to learn and follow the protocols given. We have multiple behaviour and training professionals on our Behaviour Team to support our fosters/adopters prior to and throughout the duration of the time they are in care. If you are willing, then we are very excited to have your application and look forward to chatting with you! If, however, you are not willing to fully accept the terms and conditions outlined here, then we thank you for your time and interest but you do not need to proceed with an application.

Do you hereby agree to the terms and conditions stated above?

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