About Our Breeds

It’s true, we love our Bullies!

But we don’t like the stigma attached to our beloved Bully breeds. We wish to encourage people to educate themselves prior to adopting or fostering ANY breed of dog so that you get a guideline of what to expect with their traits and needs. And how you can best prepare to help satisfy those needs.

We also suggest people not look at dogs by breed, but look at dogs on an individual/case by case basis. They each have their own personalities, quirks, needs and backgrounds they have come from. Which in rescue is often unknown to us. 

There are common qualities that breeds often share which do help us in our preparation. For instance Brachycephalic (flat faced) dogs such as Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers and some Mastiffs do have similar needs when it comes to heat stress. The depleted ability to intake oxygen leads to a lower stamina for exertion in high heat. They need sufficient hydration and cool areas to help stabilize their temperature. Cold temperatures can also prove problematic for them due to their short coat. They also tend to be prone to skin, eye and ear issues. But research, knowledge and diet can often control the minor issues.

In the end they are all dogs. They all have souls. Once an understanding is made of how our expectations are often unjust, we can learn how to truly connect and communicate with these amazing beings.

Hear founder Jeremy Hall

discuss some of the considerations

to take into account when owning

a Bully-type dog: