Jenny is a beautiful American Bulldog.  She is approximately 3 years old. She is a very energetic girl and is easily motivated. She has a very big heart and is very sweet once she trusts you. She loves to play ball and is a big goofy girl.

Jenny has some social issues and takes a bit to warm up to strangers. With a proper introduction she relaxes quickly. We are working with her on an ongoing basis to recondition her socially.

What we are seeking for Jenny in an adopter is:
-experienced and confident person(s)
-very physically active lifestyle that would include Jenny. 
-someone dedicated to join in on her training sessions and continue working with her
-ability to follow protocols

Jenny is OK with DOGS (with proper intros)
NO young kids
NO cats

Please visit our Facebook page at to get more information about our organization. Please also note that we do not adopt outside of the Province of Ontario.  Benevolent Bully Rescue’s standard adoption fee is $500.00.