Good Dog Ownership

There is no blanket solution for success when it comes to caring for dogs.  But here is a general outline of how to get the best out of your relationship with them. 
Exercise is an absolute must for dogs. We know the great effects of exercise on humans mentally and physically. Well dogs are no different. Dealing with a dogs energy properly and positively is of utmost importance. There are also subsequent bonuses from consistent exercise like relationship building, and strengthening your leadership skills, just to name a few. It’s fun to be active and see the enjoyment your dog gets out of the interactions as well. 
Diet is a delicate subject as there are many factors that determine an owners selection. But the reality and unquestionable fact remains that what you put in you will get out. So think not only of this moment but the long term health effects that food will have on your beloved furry family member. Not to mention the immediate ones like energy and behaviour too. We strongly suggest doing research prior to choosing diet. 
Having rules and structure for your dog is also a necessity.  No parent would have a child and just simply expect them to instinctually know what the expectations of them are, to use an analogy that is most relatable to the subject. Dogs are no different, clear and consistent rules need to be implemented. Boundaries must be set in place. We also need to make sure we are communicating in a way that is understood by the dog.
Last but not least, the importance of affection is no less than any other factor. A positive and rewarding relationship for both parties is key. Making sure to include the dog(s) in as many aspects of our lives will not only have a profound impact on their socialization but on our bond as well. We reap what we sow in life, so we need to make sure to invest ourselves into our relationships with our dogs with our time, energy and affection.